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About the Cause

Wood’s Earth engages youth and community in fresh school food in the soil, kitchen & classroom.


Wood's Earth aims to engage all Ithaca area youth in fresh school food in the soil, the kitchen and the classroom to address issues of food insecurity, food justice, health and nutrition in our community through system-integrated programming and relationship cultivation.

Wood's Earth operates five integrated programs: School Food Production, The Living Classroom, Farm to School Hub, The Community Gardens, and The Fresh Snack Program.

Wood’s Earth began in January 2012 as project to integrate organic community gardening and education for all ages and levels of experience.

Over the course of the 2012 season, we further developed the project to include the first stages of school food production as we cultivated the land, resources, and support from school food program leaders necessary for such an operation. We partnered with community youth centers so teens and preteens learn valuable life and job skills on-site by helping with construction projects and all stages of organic crop production. We also began to host field trips, and youth harvested hundreds of pounds of food that were sold or donated to school food programs. Over the summer, the Ithaca City School District (ICSD) Child Nutrition Program’s central kitchen staff blanched and froze beans and summer squash from our fields to be used in school meals during the year.

By Autumn of 2012, we had begun to engage other local producers in our expanded mission to create a more sustainable, locally-supported school food system. In December 2012, Wood’s Earth coordinated with the Youth Farm Project, Plowbreak Farm, Regional Access, and ICSD Child Nutrition Program’s central kitchen staff to facilitate low-cost procurement of local, organic carrots and potatoes for taste-testing and, later in the month, menu offering in all ICSD schools of the most recent Cool School Food recipe from the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food.

Last Year...
In 2013 we grew a variety of greens, winter squash, root veggies like beets and carrots, summer squash and green beans. We began year-round internships for college students and high schoolers, and began a summer work program where teens split their time between the farm and the school kitchen where they preserved basil by processing and freezing a signature pesto recipe for use during the school year.

We hired a farm manager in 2014 and more than quadrupled our farm's productivity - in Fall 2014 alone we sold over 2,500 pounds of produce to Ithaca meal and snack programs! Over the summer, we processed and preserved hundreds of pounds of squash, cucumbers, greens, tomatoes and pesto. We also hosted more field trips and integrated them with classroom curriculum standards, expanded our internship program, acquired and began to manage the Fresh Snack Program, and started to formally evaluate our programs.

In the Future...
Next year, we hope to help further increase the amount of fresh, local produce used in school meals and snacks, in Ithaca City Schools and other schools in Tompkins County. We will also be releasing our Fresh School Food Guide for school kitchens. In addition, we plan to expand upon our educational programs, especially those integrated with the Fresh Snack Program.

Wood's Earth is a project partner of the Center for Transformative Action, 501c3.

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